About our Family
Cherri miniature red
poodle female
Our Mission Statement
We are dedicated to breeding healthy mini labradoodle
puppies and matching them with responsible loving
Why Mini Labradoodles?
I am a small hobby breeder of mini labradoodles.   The
appeal of the mini labradoodles is the intelligence of the
poodle mixed with the laid-back attitude of the lab.  The
result is a fun loving puppy-dog without the drawbacks
of allergies and dog hair.  I was impressed with the way
the mini labradoodle fits into the life-style of today's
families.  They are easy going, quiet dogs with a
definite love for people and children.  Our mini
labradoodles are compatible with dogs, cats, and other

Our Loving Couple
Our loving couple Cherri and Tulsa are quality dogs
with a perfect health record.  Their temperaments as
happy companion dogs are passed along to their
puppies.  This allows them to be easily housebroken
and trained to respond enthusiastically to their owners.

Cherri  is a 2 years old, sweet, attentive, and a great
mom.  Tulsa is 5 year old happy, active and just a love.  
No health issues whatsoever in either Cherri or Tulsa.  
They pass this great trait on to their puppies, which
means a happy, healthy life without depressing and
expensive medical problems.  Together they make
gorgeous, lively puppies that will win your heart.

Our puppies will be between 8 - 15lbs lbs full grown.  
They are a small, yet sturdy little dog.
Mini Labradoodles Cleveland, Ohio

Tulsa~~Multi. gen. mini-labradoodle male (from Oklahoma)
Lucy~~AKC mini poodle (dark red) (very rare color)