Purchase Agreement & Guarantee
Our puppies are sold as family companions.  We strongly recommend that you have your puppy
spayed or neutered at six month of age.  To activate this guarantee you have five business days to
have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. Only if a veterinarian detects a life
threatening defect, will a full-refund or another puppy of the same value (when available) be given.  
All medical findings must be fully documented by a licensed veterinarian and provided to us.  We
guarantee for 2 years the puppy against life threatening genetic defects.  This guarantee is null and
void if the buyer breeds the puppy.

The puppy has NOT been vaccinated.  It has its natural immunities from its mother, which start to
dissipate at six to ten weeks of age.  It is your responsibility & expense to have your puppy
vaccinated & on heartworm.  Do NOT take your puppy to any public places (dog park, play park,
professional groomer, around other dogs, to the pet store, etc) until all puppy shots have been
administered.  We are not responsible for any viruses a puppy may encounter in its new
environment.  It is your responsibility to maintain the good condition and health of the puppy, and to
provide annual examinations, vaccinations, heart worm preventative, and any other reasonable and
usual procedures necessary to assure good health. In addition, you must appropriately treat any
illness or injury to the puppy that may occur, in order to maintain the puppy's good health. Failure to
properly vaccinate the puppy may result in severe illness and death from preventable diseases and
constitutes gross negligence on the part of the owner.  If you for any reason cannot keep the puppy,
we will accept the puppy back and will attempt to find a suitable home.  This does not entitle you to a

Cost of Puppy_
Terms:  $200 deposit to hold, b
alance in cash only due on pick-up.

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Seller______________________________________ Date_________

Diane L. Swidarski
10209 Stone Rd.
Valley View, OH 44125
Purchase Agreement & Guarantee
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