Our Other Animals
Swidoodle Farm has many wonderful animals living on
it.  We have two beautiful horses, a dozen chickens,
and a menagerie of other animals that we acquired
through animal rescue organizations or just right off of
the street!!

, our shepherd mix, was rescued off of the street  
as a six-month old puppy.  Our two cats were also
rescued as abandon kittens.  We even had pygmy
goats from the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary.  
We are deeply committed to caring for all our animals
and helping those that we cannot keep here on the

Everybody here is friendly and kid safe!  So take a look
around and enjoy all our wonderful creatures.
Doodles on deck.
Mini Labradoodles Cleveland, Ohio
Diesel 2002 - 2014
Our chickens lay delicious
brown, blue and green eggs!  
Asks us for a dozen:)
December 2013
Tulsa, Mini, Austin, KC,
Rosie, Annie & Vegas
One of our kitties, Tigger.
She is a fabulous mouser!